Upcoming Workshops


San Francisco Inclusion Networks provides free training workshops on different aspects of inclusion.  Priority registration is given to early care
and education providers based in San Francisco. 
Parents are welcome to attend, but we regret that we cannot provide childcare during our workshops.

Registration is open for our first 2019-20 training workshops - details are below. Our complete 2019-2020 training schedule will be available in mid-August. Click here to sign up for our email list to receive updates about future training workshops.

These trainings are in English and interpretation is not available.
These topics will be repeated in English in 2020 and will be offered in separate Spanish and Chinese sessions on future dates.

Introduction to ASQ-3 - English
Saturday, August 24, 2019 - 9:00am to 1:00pm
Attendees will learn about the importance and value of developmental screening, how to give and score the ASQ-3, how to identify strategies to involve families in the screening, and how to include the ASQ-3 as part of the services you provide.
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Introduction to ASQ:SE-2 - English
Saturday, August 24, 2019 - 2:00pm to 6:00pm
The ASQ:SE-2 is a highly reliable, parent-completed tool with a deep, exclusive focus on children’s social and emotional development. This tool can quickly pinpoint behaviors of concern and identify any need for further assessment or ongoing monitoring.
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Advance registration is required for all training workshops. An account with the California Workforce Registry is required to register for all training workshops. 
Visit caregistry.org to set up your account.  Once you have set up your account, log in to the Registry website, click on the training registration link and hit the 'Enroll Now' button to register for a training. 
If you're having problems setting up an account, registering for a training or accessing your account, please contact the Registry Help Desk at (415) 343-4669 or support@childrenscouncil.org. Help Desk support is available in English, Spanish and Chinese. 

Es necesario registrarse previamente para todos los talleres. Para registrarse, se requiere una cuenta con el California Workforce Registry.

Visite caregistry.org para crear una cuenta. Una vez haya creado su cuenta, inicie una sesión, presione el enlace para registrarse, luego presione ‘Enroll Now’. Si tiene dificultades para crear una cuenta, registrarse a un entrenamiento o accediendo a su cuenta, por favor comuníquese con el Registry Help Desk al (415) 343-4669 o support@childrenscouncil.org. Los servicios de apoyo técnico están disponibles en inglés, español y chino. 

所有培訓都需要提前註冊. 您需要一個California Registry帳戶才能註冊參加培訓.  開始創建您的帳戶, 請點擊 caregistry.org. 設置好帳戶後,請登錄網站,登錄註冊鏈接 (training registration),請點立即註冊 (enroll now)按鈕進行註冊. 如果您在設置帳戶,註冊培訓時遇到困難,請單擊Registry Help Desk服務台聯繫人: click here  服務台聯繫人可提供英語,西班牙語和中文服務.